12 Interesting Facts About Amie Yancey

If you watch A&E’s reality TV Series “Flipping Vegas”, you definitely know who Amie Yancey is. Below are some interesting facts about this popular real estate agent and interior designer:

How Old Is Amie Yancey?

Amie Yancey is 50 years old. You probably would have never guessed this right. Amie was born on August 30, 1967.  She is a Virgo.


Where Is Amie Yancey From

Amie Yancey is a Canadian by birth.  She was born and brought up in Canada where she grew up on a ranch where she learned how to tend to the family farm.  She moved to Las Vegas in 2004 after her marriage


Amie Yancey is the wife of Scott Yancey, a real estate guru and the known as the best agent Scott Yancey houses for sale at reality TV Star. Scott and Amie have been married for 17 years.. They reunited later in 1996 at a real estate event. The couple married four years later, on January 26, 2000, in Saint John Beach

Do Scott And Amy Yancey Have Kids?

Amie Yancey is a mother to one daughter Sarah, from a previous relationship, and a mother-in law to Mitch, her daughter’s husband


Amie is a real estate agent, interior designer, and reality TV Star. She has designed, remodeled and sold over 600 homes with the Goliath Company, a real estate firm they founded together with her husband.

TV Stardom:

Amie Yancey is a popular home renovation TV reality series “Flipping Las Vegas”. She has gained fame and respect in the real estate industry by redesigning and redecorating properties on a budget.

Her Love For Cars:

Amie like her husband Scoot has a love for fast action and fast-paced style. She loves drag racing in her Porsche and she owns 8 motor cycles.

Her Passion For Extreme Sports:

Amie is a dare-devil with a passion for extreme or dangerous sports such as drag racing, dirt-biking, horseback riding and cave riding in the Caribbean.

Her Love For Pets:

Their love for pets is insurmountable. Amie and her family have two dogs, Tallulah who is a Dachshund and Flip a Rhodesian ridge back puppy. They also have two mini pigs named Lucy and bacon bits and two Friesian horses named Henke and Tieme.  Additionally, they have a mini donkey, JackAss. They also actively take part in pet adoptions and rescues.

Charity Work

Amie and Scott are actively involved in various charitable events such as partnering with nonprofit charitable organizations to provide homes for injured veterans.  They are currently involved in six veteran programs.


Amie and Scott created Yancey events an educational training program which provides training and educational workshops and seminars on real estate investment. They impart knowledge and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs on real estate investing.

Social Media

Amie is a blogger. She shares her interior design expertise on the latest trends and styles in her blog “Amie on Design.” Amie Yancey is very popular on social media particularly on Twitter where she has amassed a significant social following of more than 10,000 fans.

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